Clara vs Claira - What's the difference?

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As proper nouns the difference between clara and claira

is that clara is {{given name|female|from=Latin}} while Claira is {{given name|female|from=Latin}}, a rare nonstandard spelling of Clara.



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  • * 1830 Mary Russell Mitford: Our Village: Fourth Series: Cottage Names:
  • But the fashion spreads deeper and wider; the village is infected and the village green; Amelias and Claras sweep your rooms and cook your dinners, gentle Sophias milk your cows, and if you ask a pretty smiling girl at a cottage door to tell you her name, the rosy lips lisp out Caroline.
  • * 1956 Tad Mosel: Other People's Houses. Six Television Plays. page 123:
  • My mother called me Clara'. And everybody else called me '''Clara''' until I was fourteen years old. Then I got sick of it. ' Clara ! Sounds like breaking glass. Did you ever stop to think of that, Frank? Say it fast and hit the C.


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  • , a rare nonstandard spelling of Clara.
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