Civilize vs Uncivil - What's the difference?

civilize | uncivil |

As a verb civilize

is .

As an adjective uncivil is

not civilized; savage; barbarous; uncivilized.


Alternative forms

* civilise (chiefly British)


  • uncivil



    (en adjective)
  • Not civilized; savage; barbarous; uncivilized.
  • Not civil; not complaisant; discourteous; impolite; rude; unpolished; as, uncivil behavior.
  • * 2007 , The Times , 24 Dec 2007:
  • John Terry and Frank Lampard would not have reacted as the Nigerian did to the (admittedly X-rated) challenge that led to the Liverpool forward being sent off in last week’s Carling Cup quarter-final against Chelsea. All very dangerous, all very uncivil .
  • * 2008 , New York Times , 4 Feb 2008:
  • But since you probably weren’t there, and be thankful for that, here is a quick primer on local, uncivil civics so that you might appreciate the recent political clamor in this part of eastern Tennessee.


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    See also

    * incivil


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