Gauche vs Churlish - What's the difference?

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As adjectives the difference between gauche and churlish

is that gauche is awkward or lacking in social graces; bumbling while churlish is of or pertaining to a serf, peasant, or rustic.




(en adjective)
  • Awkward or lacking in social graces; bumbling.
  • *19th century , (1793-1860), The Spirit Court of Practice and Pretence :
  • *:Seeking by vulgar pomp and gauche display
  • *:In 'good society', to make her way
  • * 1879 , George Meredith, The Egoist ,
  • She looked a trifle gauche , it struck me; more like a country girl with the hoyden taming in her than the well-bred creature she is.
  • *1895 , H.G. Wells, The Wonderful Visit , :
  • *:"He's a trifle gauche'" said Lady Hammergallow, jumping upon the Vicar's attention. "He neither bows nor smiles. He must cultivate oddities like that. Every successful executant is more or less ' gauche ."
  • (mathematics, archaic) Skewed, not plane.
  • (chemistry) Describing a torsion angle of 60°
  • Synonyms

    * (lacking in social graces) graceless, tactless, unsophisticated, unpolished, gawky


    * (lacking in social graces) adroit


    * ----




    (en adjective)
  • of or pertaining to a serf, peasant, or rustic
  • * 1996 , Jeet Heer, Gravitas , Autumn 1996
  • [...] the eloquence and truth of his tribute stands in marked contrast to Kramer's churlish caricature of Kael as a happy pig wallowing in the dirt.
  • rude, surly, ungracious
  • stingy or grudging
  • (of soil) difficult to till, lacking pliancy; unmanageable
  • *1730–1774 , Oliver Goldsmith, Introductory to Switzerland
  • *:Where the bleak Swiss their stormy mansion tread,t
  • *:And force a churlish soil for scanty bread.
  • Synonyms

    * (of or pertaining to a serf) rustic * (rude or surly) cross-grained, rude, surly, ungracious * (stingy or grudging) grudging, illiberal, miserly, niggardly, stingy