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As a proper noun chili

is (lb).

As a noun choli is

(india) a short-sleeved blouse worn under a sari.

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Alternative forms

* chile (US) * chilli (UK)


  • The pungent/spicy fresh or dried fruit of any of several cultivated varieties of capsicum peppers, used especially to add heat, or as a flavouring in cooking; associated with Mexican, Indian and Tex-Mex cuisine.
  • ''The farmers’ market had a wide variety of chilis from anchos to jalapeños to habaneros.
  • A dish made with this fruit and other ingredients, such as beans and beef; chili con carne.
  • I fancy having some chili for dinner tonight. What about you?
  • (uncountable) Powdered chili peppers, used as a spice or flavouring in cooking.
  • I want to make this pasta spicy so I’m going to add some chili to it.


    * (pepper) chili pepper * (dish) chili con carne

    Derived terms

    * chili con carne * chili con queso, chili cheese * chili dog * chili sauce * chili pepper




    (wikipedia choli) (en noun)
  • (India) a short-sleeved blouse worn under a sari
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