Chana vs Choana - What's the difference?

chana | choana |

As a proper noun chana

is hannah.

As a noun choana is

a funnel or funnel-shaped opening; an infundibulum.



Alternative forms

* * channa


  • A chickpea or dish principally made from chickpeas or chickpea paste.
  • ---- ==Aka-Bea==


  • woman; (before a name) Mrs
  • ----



    (Posterior nasal apertures)


  • A funnel or funnel-shaped opening; an infundibulum.
  • (anatomy, zoology) An opening towards the back of the nasal cavity; the posterior nasal aperture.
  • * 1986 , William E. Duellman, Biology of Amphibians , page 409,
  • The choanal glands of caecilians open at the margin of the choanae', whereas those of salamanders open deep within the ' choanae at the margin of the olfactory epithelium.
  • * 1989 , Johannes Lang, P. M. Stell (translator), Clinical Anatomy of the Nose, Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses , page 103,
  • Zuckerkandl (1893) gives far and away the greatest measurements for the choanae'; Hopmann (1895) reported that in man the ' choana has a mean height of 27 mm, and a mean width of 13 mm (Merkel, 1896); in women it measures 25 x 12mm. These values agree closely with our findings.
  • * 2006 , J. M. Carrera, Asim Kurjak, Donald School: Atlas of Clinical Application of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology , Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers, India, page 14,
  • Inside of this area it is possible to identify clearly two parallel echonegative zones, which belong to the nasal cavities (choanas ) and are placed on both sides of a medial structure, considerably echogenic, which corresponds to nasal bridge (Fig. 2.12.)
  • * 2008 , Peter-John Wormald, Endoscopic Sinus Surgery , 2nd Edition, page 111,
  • The bony rim of the posterior choana' is located by passing the 4-mm microdebrider blade through the posterior ethmoids and into the nasopharynx. The tip of the microdebrider blade is pushed against the mucosa just above the bony ' choanae on the anterior face of the sphenoid.