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Chersoness is an alternative form of chersonese.

As a noun chersonese is

(geography|uncommon) a peninsula.

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Not English

Chersoness has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

English words similar to 'chersoness':

craziness, cryogenics, circumcise, cryokinesis, coarseness, crescendos, croissants, carcanets, characins, cragginess, crassness, creakiness, curiousness, circumvents, crossness, carcinogens, crossings, currishness, circumfixes, circinate, circumcize, circumcises, circumcizes, circumfuse, carcinomas, churchiness, circumfuses, charginos, chargings, crescendoes, croissante, carcinoids, chersonese, circummure, circummures, cryogenine, circumvolve, cruisings, chorismate, croconazole, croconate, cryoconite, coursemate, circumpose, circumduce, coarseners, charismas, carcinosis, carcinoses, chursinite, cryogenesis, cryogeneses, creakings, corkiness, carkanets, circumvests, crescence, circumpass, croconates, creasings, carcinids, crassaments, crackings, carrageens, carrigeens, carragheens, croakings, crossnesses, crashings, carousings, crushings, coursings, chersoneses, chersonesus, churchmouse, circinnate, crouchings, crookings



Alternative forms

* ** chersonesus (Latin form) ** chersonesos (with Greek ending) ** chersoness (obsolete) ** chersonesse (obsolete) * ** khersonese ** khersonesos (with Greek ending) ** khersonesus (with Latin ending) ** khersoness


(en noun)
  • (geography, uncommon) A peninsula.
  • Usage notes

    Aside from dated, poetic, or rhetorical use, the word typically appears in English transcribing works or descriptions of classical geography: the Greek form chersonese being more common in general and generic use and the Latin form chersonesus appearing in the proper names of various famous peninsulas.

    Derived terms

    * See * Thracian Chersonese (Gallipoli)