Charted vs Charred - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between charted and charred

is that charted is (chart) while charred is (char).

As an adjective charred is

burnt, carbonized.

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  • (chart)

  • chart



    (en noun)
  • A map.
  • # A map illustrating the geography of a specific phenomenon.
  • # A navigator's map.
  • A systematic non-narrative presentation of data.
  • # A tabular presentation of data; a table.
  • #* {{quote-magazine, date=2012-03
  • , author=, volume=100, issue=2, page=106 , magazine= , title= Pixels or Perish , passage=Drawings and pictures are more than mere ornaments in scientific discourse. Blackboard sketches, geological maps, diagrams of molecular structure, astronomical photographs, MRI images, the many varieties of statistical charts and graphs: These pictorial devices are indispensable tools for presenting evidence, for explaining a theory, for telling a story.}}
  • # A diagram.
  • # A graph.
  • #*{{quote-magazine, date=2013-11-30, volume=409, issue=8864, magazine=(The Economist), author=Paul Davis
  • , title= Letters: Say it as simply as possible , passage=Congratulations on managing to use the phrase “preponderant criterion” in a chart (“ On your marks”, November 9th). Was this the work of a kakorrhaphiophobic journalist set a challenge by his colleagues, or simply an example of glossolalia?}}
  • # A record of a patient's diagnosis, care instructions, and recent history.
  • # A ranked listing of competitors, as of recorded music.
  • A written deed; a charter.
  • (topology) A subspace of a manifold used as part of an atlas
  • Derived terms

    * ancestral chart * bar chart * chart house * chartbook * charted * charticle * chartjunk * chartless * chartometer * chartroom * control chart * eye chart * flipchart * flow chart * music chart * org chart * organization chart * PERT chart * pie chart * psychrometric chart * record chart * spaghetti chart * star chart * step chart * wallchart * weather chart


    (en verb)
  • To draw a chart or map of.
  • To draw or figure out (a route or plan).
  • Let's chart how we're going to get from here to there.
    We are on a course for disaster without having charted it.
  • To record systematically.
  • (of a record or artist) To appear on a hit-recording chart.
  • The song has charted for 15 weeks!
    The band first charted in 1994.

    Derived terms

    * chartable * rechart


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  • (char)
  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Burnt, carbonized.