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(en noun)
  • Regard for others, both natural and moral without regard for oneself; devotion to the interests of others; brotherly kindness; selflessness; contrasted with egoism or selfishness .
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  • Altruism' allows doing for others as one would be done by. Unlike reaction formation, which also gives to the object what the self desires, '''altruism''' leaves the self at least partly gratified. Unlike reaction formation, '''altruism''' tempers asceticism with pleasure. Unlike passive aggression and martyrdom, '''altruism''' allows the object to feel blessed and not afflicted. ' Altruism attracts people to the user; martyrdom repels them even as it holds them close in chains.
  • (biology, sociobiology) Action or behaviour that benefits another or others at some cost to the performer.
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  • Altruism' is a behaviour of an individual that benefits another at its own expense.Being nice to relatives is not pure ' altruism because they share your genes so, by helping them, you promote your own genetic heritage.


    * (regard for others) philanthropy * (action benefiting others at cost to oneself) philanthropy


    * (regard for others) egoism, misanthropy (hatred of human race), selfishness

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    * agape (spiritual love for others) * bell the cat * brotherly love * misandry (hatred of males) * misogyny (hatred of females) * selflessness



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