Expertise vs Challenging - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between expertise and challenging

is that expertise is while challenging is .

As an adjective challenging is

difficult, hard to do.

As a noun challenging is

the act of making a challenge.




(wikipedia expertise) (-)
  • Great skill or knowledge in a particular field or hobby
  • The scientist has expertise in the field of nuclear fusion.
  • * 2014 , Michael White, " Roll up, roll up! The Amazing Salmond will show a Scotland you won't believe", The Guardian , 8 September 2014:
  • He spoke of Scotland's hydroelectric projects in Africa, local expertise shared with the world's poor.
  • advice, or opinion, of an expert
  • See also

    * skill, proficiency, knowledge, competence




  • Adjective

    (en adjective)
  • Difficult, hard to do.
  • Antonyms

    * unchallenging


    (en noun)
  • The act of making a challenge.
  • * Estcourt Rowland Metzner, The conflict of tax laws (page 151)
  • There are always sincere challengings of the findings, always the objections (sincere in another sense) of those whose interests seem threatened.

    See also

    * challenge