Dean vs Chairman - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between dean and chairman

is that dean is dean while chairman is a person (implied male) presiding over a meeting.

As a verb dean

is do.



(wikipedia dean)


(en noun)
  • A senior official in a college or university, who may be in charge of a division or faculty (for example, the dean of science'') or have some other advisory or disciplinary function (for example, the ''dean of students ).
  • A dignitary or presiding officer in certain church bodies, especially an ecclesiastical dignitary, subordinate to a bishop, in charge of a chapter of canon.
  • The senior member of some group of people.
  • dean of the diplomatic corps - a country's most senior ambassador
    dean of the House - the longest-serving member of a legislature
  • * 1955 , edition, ISBN 0553249592, page 67:
  • All of the switchboard operators had been parties to it, including Marie Willis. Their dean , Alice Hart, collected
  • (Sussex) a hill (chiefly place names).
  • Derived terms

    * dean and chapter * deaness


    (en verb)
  • To serve as a dean.
  • To send (a student) to see the dean of a university.
  • Anagrams

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  • A person (implied male) presiding over a meeting.
  • The head of a corporate or governmental board of directors, a committee, or other formal entity.
  • (historical) Someone whose job is to carry people in a portable chair, sedan chair, or similar conveyance.
  • * 1749 , Henry Fielding, Tom Jones , Folio Society 1973, p. 618:
  • Mr Western entered; but not before a small wrangling bout had passed between him and his chairmen ; for the fellows, who had taken up their burden at the Hercules Pillars, had conceived no hopes of having any future good customer in the squire [...]
  • * 1836 , Charles Dickens, The Pickwick Papers ?
  • Mr. Winkle, catching sight of a lady's face at the window of the sedan, turned hastily round, plied the knocker with all his might and main, and called frantically upon the chairman to take the chair away again.

    Usage notes

    Historically meant a man, now also used for women.


    * chairwoman


    * chair, chairperson * presiding officer, presider