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As nouns the difference between centavo and quetzal

is that centavo is currency unit (hundredth of a peso) in mexico while quetzal is a trogon of the genus (taxlink), especially the resplendent quetzal (taxlink), with very long tail feathers, found in guatemala and costa rica.



(en noun)
  • Currency unit (hundredth of a peso) in Mexico
  • A similar subdenomination of various other currencies.
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    (wikipedia quetzal) (Guatemalan quetzal)


    (en noun)
  • Any trogon of the genus , which has very long tail feathers and is found in Guatemala and Costa Rica.
  • * 1997 , Ann Marie Stock, Framing Latin American Cinema: Contemporary Critical Perspectives , page 80,
  • Included among the images that Rigoberta MenchĂș uses in order to subtly convey her people's ethnicity is an image of Guatemala as the "land of the quetzal ."
  • * 1999 , Sy Barlowe, Learning about Rain Forest Animals , page 12,
  • A strikingly beautiful bird, the quetzal' is the national emblem of Guatemala, appearing on its currency and postage. The ' quetzal ranges from southern Mexico to Costa Rica.
  • * 2005 , Eric Dinerstein, Tigerland and Other Unintended Destinations , page 65,
  • This particular wild avocado species had beautiful small black fruits set in a red cap that made it easy for the quetzals to find them.
  • A monetary unit used in Guatemala, equal to 100 centavos.
  • * 2005 , Anastasia Xenias, Dollarization: The End of Monetary Pluralism in South America?'', Avery Plaw (editor), ''Frontiers of Diversity: Explorations in Contemporary Pluralism , page 109,
  • In 2002 Guatemala officially declared the U.S. dollar as legal tender to circulate in parallel to the national currency, the quetzal'. This is not likely to last for long as the ' quetzal is not widely accepted and is considered a weak store of value.
  • * 2005 , International Monetary Fund, Guatemala: 2005 Article IV Consultation - Staff Report , unnumbered page,
  • In this situation, they chose a policy mix of moderate monetary tightening, tight fiscal policy, and central bank intervention in the foreign exchange market to prevent excessive appreciation of the quetzal , without pursuing an exchange rate target.
  • * 2007 , Charles Enoch, Karl Habermeier, Marta de Castello Branco (editors), Building Monetary and Financial Systems: Case Studies in Technical Assistance , International Monetary Fund, page 105,
  • To cope with the subsequent mounting pressures on the domestic currency, the Bank of Guatemala (Banguat) started to intervene in the foreign exchange market to moderate the quetzal depreciation and tightened monetary policy.

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