Canoe vs Cayuco - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between canoe and cayuco

is that canoe is while cayuco is a sort of canoe or kayak.



(wikipedia canoe)

Alternative forms

* (l) (Jamaican English)


(en noun)
  • A small long and narrow boat, propelled by one or more people (depending on the size of canoe), using single-bladed paddles. The paddlers face in the direction of travel, in either a seated position, or kneeling on the bottom of the boat. Canoes are open on top, and pointed at both ends.
  • *
  • *:He and Gerald usually challenged the rollers in a sponson canoe when Gerald was there for the weekend; or, when Lansing came down, the two took long swims seaward or cruised about in Gerald's dory, clad in their swimming-suits; and Selwyn's youth became renewed in a manner almost ridiculous,.
  • (lb) An oversize, usually older, luxury car.
  • Verb

  • To ride or paddle a canoe.
  • Derived terms

    * canoeist

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    * kayak


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    (en noun)
  • A sort of canoe or kayak.
  • *{{quote-news, year=2007, date=February 19, author=Caroline Brothers, title=South Asians Taking Risky Route to Europe: Via Africa, work=New York Times citation
  • , passage=Officials like Mr. Mazzitelli, of the United Nations office in Dakar, say that while African immigrants are crossing thousands of miles of ocean in wooden or fiberglass cayucos , or fishing boats, crammed with 50 to 80 passengers, the South Asians are leaving West Africa in groups of at least 100, and in much bigger vessels, like the barely seaworthy Marine I. }}