Dualism vs Cathar - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between dualism and cathar

is that dualism is duality; the condition of being double while cathar is a member of certain so self-styled novatian and other christian sects embracing a form of dualism and extraordinary practices adhering to mary magdalene's teachings, persecuted by roman catholics as heretics.



(en noun)
  • Duality; the condition of being double.
  • (philosophy) The view that the world consists of, or is explicable in terms of, two fundamental principles, such as mind and matter or good and evil.
  • (theology) The belief that the world is ruled by a pair of antagonistic forces, such as good and evil; the belief that man has two basic natures, the physical and the spiritual.
  • (chemistry, dated) The theory, originated by Lavoisier and developed by Berzelius, that all definite compounds are binary in their nature, and consist of two distinct constituents, themselves simple or complex, and having opposite chemical or electrical affinities.
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    (wikipedia Cathar)


  • A member of certain so self-styled Novatian and other Christian sects embracing a form of dualism and extraordinary practices adhering to Mary Magdalene's teachings, persecuted by Roman Catholics as heretics.
  • :The Albigenses, famous Cathars in and around Albi (southern France), were eradicated in a bloody ‘crusade’.
  • Usage notes

    Most often used in the plural.

    Derived terms

    * Catharism * Catharist * Catharistic

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    * Albigenses * Bogomil, Bogomile