Horse vs You - What's the difference?

horse | you |

As a noun horse

is a poker variant consisting of five different poker variants, with the rules changing from one variant to the next after every hand or horse can be (variant of basketball).

Wish vs You - What's the difference?

wish | you |

As a noun wish

is a desire, hope, or longing for something or for something to happen.

As a verb wish

is (label) to desire; to want.

You vs Jake - What's the difference?

you | jake |

As a noun jake is


As an interjection jake is


You vs Grammy - What's the difference?

you | grammy |

As a noun grammy is


Bob vs You - What's the difference?

bob | you |

As a noun bob

is broad bean, horse bean.

You vs Schoolbus - What's the difference?

you | schoolbus |

As a noun schoolbus is


You vs Stray - What's the difference?

you | stray |

As a noun stray is

any domestic animal that has an enclosure, or its proper place and company, and wanders at large, or is lost; an estray.

As a verb stray is

to wander, as from a direct course; to deviate, or go out of the way.

As an adjective stray is

having gone astray; strayed; wandering; as, a stray horse or sheep.

Elephant vs You - What's the difference?

elephant | you |

As a noun elephant

is elephant.

Think vs You - What's the difference?

think | you |

As a verb think

is (label) to ponder, to go over in one's head or think can be (label) to seem, to appear.

As a noun think

is an act of thinking; consideration (of something).

You vs Bla - What's the difference?

you | bla |

As an adjective bla is