Wcg vs Wig - What's the difference?

wcg | wig |

As an adjective wig is

(aviation|nautical) wing-in-ground.

Wog vs Wcg - What's the difference?

wog | wcg |

As a noun wog

is (british|slang|pejorative|ethnic slur) any dark-skinned person most commonly used to refer to people of indian, north african, mediterranean, or middle eastern ancestry or wog can be abbreviation of polliwog or wog can be a minor illness, a bug, an insect or parasite or wog can be (scientology) an acronym for "without goals", ie a person who is not a scientologist or wog can be wog = water-oil-gas, typically marked on valves indicating acceptable for use with these fluids.

As a verb wog

is (slang) to steal.

Wag vs Wcg - What's the difference?

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As a verb wag

is .