Resilance vs Crimp - What's the difference?

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As an adjective crimp is

(obsolete) easily crumbled; friable; brittle.

As a noun crimp is

a fastener or a fastening method that secures parts by bending metal around a joint and squeezing it together, often with a tool that adds indentations to capture the parts or crimp can be an agent making it his business to procure seamen, soldiers, etc, especially by seducing, decoying, entrapping, or impressing them [since the passing of the merchant shipping act of 1854, applied to one who infringes sub-section 1 of this act, ie to a person other than the owner, master, etc, who engages seamen without a license from the board of trade].

As a verb crimp is

to fasten by bending metal so that it squeezes around the parts to be fastened or crimp can be to impress (seamen or soldiers); to entrap, to decoy.

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