Pooper vs Poorer - What's the difference?

pooper | poorer |

As a noun pooper

is (vulgar|slang) the anus; often in reference to anal intercourse.

As an adjective poorer is


Poorer vs Pooter - What's the difference?

poorer | pooter |

As an adjective poorer

is (poor).

As a noun pooter is

a glass jar used for collecting small insects etc; it has two tubes, one (protected by a gauze) which is sucked, the other up which the insect is drawn.

Poorer vs Pooer - What's the difference?

poorer | pooer |

As adjectives the difference between poorer and pooer

is that poorer is (poor) while pooer is (scotland) poor.

As a noun pooer is

someone or something that poos, that defecates.