Pigmented vs Ceroid - What's the difference?

pigmented | ceroid |

As a verb pigmented

is (pigment).

As a noun ceroid is

a polymeric pigmented material composed of oxidized lipids and protein or ceroid can be a plant resembling a cereus cactus.

As an adjective ceroid is

resembling a cereus cactus.

Pigmented vs Chromogen - What's the difference?

pigmented | chromogen |

As a verb pigmented

is (pigment).

As a noun chromogen is

(chemistry) any substance that lacks colour, but can be converted into a pigment or dye.

Pigmented vs Achromic - What's the difference?

pigmented | achromic |

As a verb pigmented

is (pigment).

As an adjective achromic is

(science) uncoloured; not pigmented; lacking in colour.

Pigmented vs Lipofuscin - What's the difference?

pigmented | lipofuscin |

As a verb pigmented

is (pigment).

As a noun lipofuscin is

(biochemistry) any of a family of pigmented lipid granules that accumulates in several body tissues.

Pigmented vs Flavobacterium - What's the difference?

pigmented | flavobacterium |

As a verb pigmented

is (pigment).

As a noun flavobacterium is

any of many gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria, of the class flavobacteriia , that occur in soil and water, and are mostly pigmented and photosynthetic.

Pigmented vs Redbed - What's the difference?

pigmented | redbed |

As a verb pigmented

is (pigment).

As a noun redbed is

(geology) any clastic and sedimentary rock that is pigmented with red ferric oxide.

Pigmented vs Scale - What's the difference?

pigmented | scale |

As verbs the difference between pigmented and scale

is that pigmented is (pigment) while scale is to change the size of something whilst maintaining proportion; especially to change a process in order to produce much larger amounts of the final product or scale can be to remove the scales of.

As a noun scale is

an ordered numerical sequence used for measurement or scale can be part of an overlapping arrangement of many small, flat and hard pieces of keratin covering the skin of an animal, particularly a fish or reptile or scale can be a device to measure mass or weight.