What is the difference between phalanx and bone?

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Phalanx is a see also of bone.

As nouns the difference between phalanx and bone

is that phalanx is {{context|plural phalanxes |lang=en}} a large group of people, animals or things, compact or closely massed, or tightly knit and united in common purpose while bone is {{context|uncountable|lang=en}} a composite material consisting largely of calcium phosphate and collagen and making up the skeleton of most vertebrates.

As a adjective bone is

of an off-white colour, like the colour of bone.

As a verb bone is

to prepare (meat, etc) by removing the bone or bones from or bone can be {{context|transitive|slang|lang=en}} to apprehend, steal or bone can be {{context|carpentry|masonry|surveying|lang=en}} to sight along an object or set of objects to check whether they are level or in line.