Leprosy vs Lupus - What's the difference?

leprosy | lupus |

As a noun leprosy

is an infectious disease caused by infection by mycobacterium leprae .

Lupus vs Psoriasis - What's the difference?

lupus | psoriasis |

As a noun psoriasis is


Scleroderma vs Lupus - What's the difference?

scleroderma | lupus |

As a noun scleroderma

is (medicine) a chronic disease characterized by excessive deposits of collagen in the skin or other organs.

Lupus vs Swelling - What's the difference?

lupus | swelling |

As a noun swelling is

the state of being swollen.

As a verb swelling is


Worthy vs Lupus - What's the difference?

worthy | lupus |

As an adjective worthy

is having worth, merit or value.

As a noun worthy

is a distinguished or eminent person.

As a verb worthy

is to render or treat as worthy; exalt; revere; honour; esteem; respect; value; reward; adore.

Lupus vs Aids - What's the difference?

lupus | aids |

As a noun aids is

acquired immune deficiency syndrome.

Lupus vs Luaus - What's the difference?

lupus | luaus |

As a noun luaus is


Lupus vs Lulus - What's the difference?

lupus | lulus |

As a noun lulus is


Lupus vs Edratide - What's the difference?

lupus | edratide |

As a noun edratide is

(medicine) a synthetic peptide that is used to treat cases of lupus.

Lupus vs Epratuzumab - What's the difference?

lupus | epratuzumab |

As a noun epratuzumab is

a humanized monoclonal antibody with potential applications in oncology and in the treatment of inflammatory autoimmune disorders such as lupus.