Leached vs Peached - What's the difference?

leached | peached |

As verbs the difference between leached and peached

is that leached is (leach) while peached is (peach).

Bleached vs Leached - What's the difference?

bleached | leached |

As verbs the difference between bleached and leached

is that bleached is (bleach) while leached is (leach).

As an adjective bleached

is whitened; made white using bleach.

Leached vs Illuviation - What's the difference?

leached | illuviation |

As a verb leached

is (leach).

As a noun illuviation is

(geology) the accumulation of suspended material and soluble compounds leached from an overlying stratum.

Leached vs Supergene - What's the difference?

leached | supergene |

As a verb leached

is past tense of leach.

As a noun supergene is

a group of neighbouring genes on a chromosome that are inherited together because of close genetic linkage and are functionally related in an evolutionary sense.

As an adjective supergene is

leached and then deposited by descending waters.