Gem vs Ores - What's the difference?

gem | ores |

As a noun ores is


Bacteria vs Gem - What's the difference?

bacteria | gem |

As an adjective bacteria

is bacterial.

Gem vs Jem - What's the difference?

gem | jem |

As a proper noun jem is

a male nickname for james, jeremy or jeremiah.

Human vs Gem - What's the difference?

human | gem |

As an adjective human

is (label) classical (of or pertaining to the classical - latin, greek - languages, literature, history and philosophy).

Rhinestone vs Gem - What's the difference?

rhinestone | gem |

As a noun rhinestone

is an artificial diamond.

As an adjective rhinestone

is made of or encrusted with rhinestones.

Gem vs Sparkle - What's the difference?

gem | sparkle |

As a noun sparkle is

a little spark; a scintillation.

As a verb sparkle is

to emit sparks; to throw off ignited or incandescent particles; to shine as if throwing off sparks; to emit flashes of light; to scintillate; to twinkle; as, the blazing wood sparkles; the stars sparkle.

Dyke vs Gem - What's the difference?

dyke | gem |

As a noun dyke

is or dyke can be (slang|pejorative) a lesbian, particularly one who appears macho or acts in a macho manner this word has been reclaimed, by some, as politically empowering (see usage notes).

Ceramic vs Gem - What's the difference?

ceramic | gem |

As an adjective ceramic

is made of material produced by the high temperature firing of inorganic, nonmetallic rocks and minerals.

As a noun ceramic

is (uncountable) a hard brittle material that is produced through burning of nonmetallic minerals at high temperatures.

Gem vs Stone - What's the difference?

gem | stone |

As a proper noun stone is


Juwel vs Gem - What's the difference?

juwel | gem |

As a noun juwel

is jewel.