Ged vs Matric - What's the difference?

ged | matric |

As a proper noun ged

is .

As a noun matric is

(south africa) the final year of high school.

Homeschool vs Ged - What's the difference?

homeschool | ged |

As nouns the difference between homeschool and ged

is that homeschool is while ged is goat (animal).

As a verb homeschool

is .

Ged vs Shore - What's the difference?

ged | shore |

As nouns the difference between ged and shore

is that ged is goat (animal) while shore is land adjoining a non-flowing body of water, such as an ocean, lake or pond or shore can be a prop or strut supporting the weight or flooring above it or shore can be (obsolete|uk|dialect) a sewer.

As a verb shore is

(obsolete) to set on shore or shore can be to provide with support or shore can be (shear).