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Afar vs Distance - What's the difference?

afar | distance |

As a noun afar

is afar person.

As a proper noun afar

is afar language.

Distance vs Terms - What's the difference?

distance | terms |

As a noun terms is


Distance vs X - What's the difference?

distance | x |

As a letter x is

the twenty-fourth letter of the.

As a symbol x is

voiceless velar fricative.

Distance vs Measures - What's the difference?

distance | measures |

As a noun measures is


As a verb measures is


Distance vs Rang - What's the difference?

distance | rang |

As a verb rang is

jerk, twitch, squirm, writhe.

Distal vs Distance - What's the difference?

distal | distance |

As an adjective distal

is (anatomy|geology) remote from the point of attachment or origin; as, the distal end of a bone or muscle.

Subdistrict vs Distance - What's the difference?

subdistrict | distance |

As a noun subdistrict

is a district forming part of a larger district.

Hate vs Distance - What's the difference?

hate | distance |

As a noun hate

is haste, impatience.

As a verb hate

is .

Distance vs False - What's the difference?

distance | false |

As an adjective false is

(label) one of two states of a boolean variable; logic.

Coverage vs Distance - What's the difference?

coverage | distance |

As a noun coverage

is an amount by which something or someone is covered.