Conference vs Meet - What's the difference?

conference | meet |

As a verb meet is

(lb) of individuals: to make personal contact .

As a noun meet is

a sports competition, especially for athletics or swimming.

As an adjective meet is

suitable; right; proper.

Resolution vs Conference - What's the difference?

resolution | conference |

As a noun resolution

is resolution.

Pact vs Conference - What's the difference?

pact | conference |

As a noun pact

is an agreement; a compact; a covenant.

Treaty vs Conference - What's the difference?

treaty | conference |

As a noun treaty

is (international law) a binding agreement concluded by subjects of international law, namely states and international organizations.

Conference vs Symposia - What's the difference?

conference | symposia |

As a noun symposia is


Conference vs Conferral - What's the difference?

conference | conferral |

As a noun conferral is

the act of conferring something; conferment.

Confab vs Conference - What's the difference?

confab | conference |

As a verb confab

is to speak casually with; to chat.

As a noun confab

is a casual talk or chat.

Conference vs Discuss - What's the difference?

conference | discuss |

As a verb discuss is

(obsolete|transitive) to drive away, disperse, shake off; said especially of tumors.

Negotiation vs Conference - What's the difference?

negotiation | conference |

As a noun negotiation

is the process of achieving agreement through discussion.

Conference vs Company - What's the difference?

conference | company |

As a noun company is

a team; a group of people who work together professionally.

As a verb company is

(archaic|transitive) to accompany, keep company with.