Bludgeoner vs Bludgeoned - What's the difference?

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As a noun bludgeoner

is one who bludgeons.

As a verb bludgeoned is

( bludgeon).

Bludger vs Bludgeoner - What's the difference?

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Bludger is a related term of bludgeoner.

As nouns the difference between bludger and bludgeoner

is that bludger is (australia|slang|obsolete) a pimp, a man living off the earnings of a harlot 1966 , sidney j baker, the australian language'', second edition, chapter vi, section 3, page 129—''mentions an 1882 record of the "pimp" usage while bludgeoner is one who bludgeons.

Bludgeoner vs Bludgeon - What's the difference?

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Bludgeoner is a derived term of bludgeon.

As nouns the difference between bludgeoner and bludgeon

is that bludgeoner is one who bludgeons while bludgeon is a short, heavy club, often of wood, which is thicker or loaded at one end.

As a verb bludgeon is

to strike or hit with something hard, usually on the head; to club.