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Allrounder vs Switch - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between allrounder and switch

is that allrounder is while switch is a device to turn electric current on]] and [[turn off|off or direct its flow.

As a verb switch is

to exchange.

As an adjective switch is

(snowboarding) riding with their opposite foot forward from their natural position bbc sport, [http://wwwbbccouk/sport/0/winter-olympics/26141070 "sochi 2014: a jargon-busting guide to the halfpipe"], 11 february 2014 .

Allrounder - What does it mean?

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Allrounder vs Multifaceted - What's the difference?

allrounder | multifaceted |

As a noun allrounder

is .

As an adjective multifaceted is

having multiple facets.