Slalom vs Carving - What's the difference?

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As nouns the difference between slalom and carving

is that slalom is slalom (same meanings as in english) while carving is a carved object.

As a verb carving is





(wikipedia slalom)
  • (uncountable, sports) The sport of skiing in a zigzag course through gates. (Often used attributively)
  • Slalom is her strongest Olympic sport.
    The slalom gates are set closer together.
  • (uncountable) Any similar activity on other vehicles, including canoes and water skis.
  • (countable, sports) A course used for the sport of slalom.
  • These first two slaloms have sixty gates each.
  • (countable, sports) A race or competition wherein participants each perform the sport of slalom.
  • He has won six World Cup slaloms .

    Derived terms

    * slalomer * slalomist * giant slalom, GS * super giant slalom, Super G/Super-G * parallel slalom, PSL * parallel giant slalom, PSG


    (en verb)
  • To race in a slalom.
  • To move in a slalom manner
  • * 2013 , Daniel Taylor, Steven Gerrard goal against Poland ensures England will go to World Cup'' (in ''The Guardian , 15 October 2013)[]
  • Gerrard plainly had other ideas as he set off on that final, driving run into the opposition penalty area, slaloming between Kamil Glik and Grzegorz Wojtkowiak and getting his shot away as a third defender, Artur Jedzejczyk, and the goalkeeper, Wojciech Szczesny, tried to close him out.




    (en noun)
  • A carved object.
  • The carving on the oak panels was ancient.
  • The craft of producing a carved object.
  • He took up carving after his retirement.


  • (snowboarding) Executing turns without pivoting.
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