Carid vs Caried - What's the difference?

carid | caried |

As a noun carid

is (zoology) any member of the caridae.

As a verb caried is

, (cary).




(en noun)
  • (zoology) Any member of the Caridae.
  • caried



  • , (cary)

  • Cary


    Proper noun

    (en-proper noun)
  • A surname, a less common spelling of Carey.
  • (male) transferred from the surnames.
  • A diminutive of the female given name Caroline.
  • The name of several towns in the United States:
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  • Quotations

    * 1849 Charlotte Brontë: Shirley : Chapter XXV: *: "My sister gave it to me - my only sister, Cary . Would that your aunt Caroline had lived to see her niece!" * 1999 Ian Rankin: Dead Souls ISBN 0312974205 page 246: *: "You'll laugh when I tell you my name. All I can say is, nobody consulted me ." *: "Why, what's your name?" Laughing now as he stepped past her into the hall. *: "Cary ," he told her. "After the actor. Only I've never managed to be quite so suave."