Carbone vs Carbyne - What's the difference?

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As a verb carbone

is .

As an adjective carbone

is carbonaceous.

As a noun carbyne is

the trivalent radical r-c⋮ or any of its hydrocarbyl derivatives.




  • * 1819 , Bartholomew Parr, The London Medical Dictionary (volume 2, page 279)
  • The colour we now know to be owing to the influence of the oxygenous gas, and the darker colour of venal blood to carbone .


  • (obsolete) To broil.
  • * (Samuel Pepys)
  • We had a calf's head carboned .
    (Webster 1913) ----




    (en noun)
  • the trivalent radical R-C⋮ or any of its hydrocarbyl derivatives
  • the linear carbon allotrope; composed of alternating (1) triple and single bonds
  • linear acetylenic carbon, a form of the linear carbon allotrope consisting of the form with alternating single and triple bonded carbons
  • Coordinate terms

    (carbon allotrope) * graphene * graphite * diamond * carbon nanotube / buckytube * buckyball * fullerene * atomic carbon * amorphous carbon

    Derived terms

    * (carbon allotrope) silicyne

    See also

    * (Carbyne) * (linear acetylenic carbon) (Linear acetylenic carbon) * (carbon allotrope) ** cumulene ** polyyne