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(en noun)
  • (archaic) A deep-red or fiery colored garnet or other dark red precious stone, especially when cut cabochon.
  • * 1602 . , act 2 scene 2 line 401:
  • With eyes like carbuncles , the hellish Pyrrhus...
  • * 1611 . Old Testament , King James Version, Isaiah 54:12:
  • And I will make thy windows of agates, and thy gates of carbuncles , and all thy borders of pleasant stones.
  • An abscess larger than a boil, usually with one or more openings draining pus onto the skin. It is usually caused by bacterial infection.
  • (heraldiccharge) A charge or bearing supposed to represent the precious stone, with eight sceptres or staves radiating from a common centre; an escarbuncle.
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