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Evan vs Cameron - What's the difference?

evan | cameron |

As an adjective evan

is equal.

As a proper noun cameron is

and a highland scottish clan name.



Proper noun

(en proper noun)
  • , a Welsh form of John.
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    Proper noun

    (wikipedia Cameron) (Camerons)
  • and a highland Scottish clan name
  • derived from the surname.
  • derived from the surname, used since the 1970s also in the spellings Camryn and Kamryn.
  • A CDP in Arizona
  • An unincorporated community in Illinois
  • An unincorporated community in Iowa
  • A CDP in Louisiana
  • A rural municipality in Manitoba, Canada
  • A city in Missouri
  • An unincorporated community in Montana
  • A town in New York
  • A town in North Carolina
  • An unincorporated community in Ohio
  • A town in Oklahoma
  • A town in South Carolina
  • A city in Texas
  • A city in West Virginia
  • A village and a town in Wisconsin
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