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Bat vs Butterfly - What's the difference?

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As an acronym bat

is best available technology; a principle applying to regulations]] on limiting pollutant [[discharge|discharges.

As a noun butterfly is

a flying insect of the order lepidoptera , distinguished from moths by their diurnal activity and generally brighter colouring.

As a verb butterfly is

to cut almost entirely in half and spread the halves apart, in a shape suggesting the wings of a butterfly.



(wikipedia bat)

Etymology 1

Dialectal variant (akin to the dialectal (etyl) term (m)) of (etyl) (m), (m), from (etyl) (compare (etyl) (m), (etyl) ).


(en noun)
  • Any of the small, nocturnal, flying mammals of the order Chiroptera, which navigate by means of echolocation.
  • *
  • *:The Bat—they called him the Bat. Like a bat' he chose the night hours for his work of rapine; like a '''bat''' he struck and vanished, pouncingly, noiselessly; like a ' bat he never showed himself to the face of the day.
  • *2012 , Suemedha Sood, (bbc.co.uk) Travelwise: Texas love bats] [sic
  • *:As well as being worth millions of dollars to the Texan agriculture industry, these mammals are worth millions of dollars to the state’s tourism industry. Texas is home to the world’s largest known bat' colony (in Comal County), and the world’s largest urban '''bat''' colony (in Austin). '''Bat''' watching is a common activity, with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department offering more ' bat -viewing sites than anywhere else in the US.
  • (lb) An old woman.
  • A whore who prowls in the dusk/evening like a bat.
  • Synonyms
    * (flying mammal)
    Derived terms
    * Batman * batlike * batshit * battish * batty * blind as a bat * fruit bat * have bats in the belfry * leaf-nosed bat * (little brown bat) * (brown bat) * like a bat out of hell * microbat * moonbat * vampire bat * vesper bat
    See also
    * * * (bat) * (Chiroptera)

    Etymology 2



    (en noun)
  • A club made of wood or aluminium used for striking the ball in sports such as baseball, softball and cricket.
  • A turn at hitting the ball with a bat in a game.
  • (two-up) The piece of wood on which the spinner places the coins and then uses for throwing them.Sidney J. Baker, The Australian Language , second edition, 1966, chapter XI section 3, page 242
  • (mining) Shale or bituminous shale.
  • (Kirwan)
  • A sheet of cotton used for filling quilts or comfortables; batting.
  • A part of a brick with one whole end.
  • Synonyms
    * (two-up) kip, stick, kylie, lannet
    Derived terms
    (derived terms) * baseball bat * batless * batman * bats * batsman * cricket bat


  • to hit with a bat.
  • to take a turn at hitting a ball with a bat in sports like cricket, baseball and softball, as opposed to fielding.
  • to strike or swipe as though with a bat
  • The cat batted at the toy.
    Derived terms
    * bat five hundred * bat in * bat out * bat up * (verb)
    * Myotis


    Etymology 3

    Possibly a variant of bate.


  • to flutter: bat one's eyelashes .
  • Usage notes
    Most commonly used in phrase bat an eye, and variants thereof.
    Derived terms
    * bat an eye, bat an eyelash, bat an eyelid

    Etymology 4

    From (etyl) . "batman." Dictionary.com. Dictionary.com Unabridged (v 1.1). Random House, Inc. 2009. Cognate to (m).


    (en noun)
  • (obsolete) packsaddle
  • Derived terms
    * batman




    (Butterfly) (wikipedia butterfly)


  • A flying insect of the order Lepidoptera , distinguished from moths by their diurnal activity and generally brighter colouring.
  • * 1897 , Henry James, What Maisie Knew :
  • The day came indeed when her breathless auditors learnt from her in bewilderment that what ailed him was that he was, alas, simply not serious. Maisie wept on Mrs. Wix's bosom after hearing that Sir Claude was a butterfly [...].
  • The butterfly stroke.
  • A use of surgical tape, cut into thin strips and placed across an open wound to hold it closed.
  • butterfly tape


    * (l)

    Derived terms

    * butterflies in one's stomach * butterfly ballot * butterfly banners * butterfly bat * butterfly bomb * butterfly bush (see buddleia or buddleja) * butterfly chair * butterfly clam * butterfly collector (see lepidopterist or lepidopterology) * butterfly cod * butterfly crab * butterfly dam * butterfly damper * butterfly effect * butterfly fish * butterfly flower (see schizanthus) * butterfly hinge * butterfly knife * butterfly knot * butterfly lily * butterfly mussel * butterfly net * butterfly nut (wing nut) * butterfly orchid * butterfly pea * butterfly plant * butterfly ray * butterfly shell * butterfly stroke (swimming) * butterfly table * butterfly tulip * butterfly valve * butterfly weed * butterfly window * float like a butterfly * peacock butterfly * social butterfly


  • To cut almost entirely in half and spread the halves apart, in a shape suggesting the wings of a butterfly.
  • butterflied shrimp
    Butterfly the chicken before you grill it.
  • To cut strips of surgical tape or plasters into thin strips, and place across a gaping wound to close it.
  • See also

    * caterpillar * flutterby * moth * *


    * (l)