Carnage vs Butchery - What's the difference?

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Carnage is a related term of butchery.

As nouns the difference between carnage and butchery

is that carnage is death and destruction while butchery is the cruel, ruthless killings of humans, as at a slaughterhouse or butchery can be (slang) the stereotypical behaviors and accoutrements of being a butch lesbian.




  • Death and destruction.
  • What remains after a massacre, e.g. the corpses or gore.
  • Any chaotic situation.
  • * 2014 , Simon Spence, Happy Mondays: Excess All Areas
  • The lads had recently returned from a wild summer on the party island of Ibiza, an increasingly popular hotspot for working-class British youth. But this was not a scene of drunken holiday carnage in tacky discos.


    * bloodbath * massacre


    * ----



    Etymology 1

    From (etyl) bocherie, from (etyl). See butcher for more.


  • The cruel, ruthless killings of humans, as at a slaughterhouse.
  • * 1593 , Shakespeare, Richard III , .
  • ''The tyrannous and bloody act is done,—
    ''The most arch deed of piteous massacre
    ''That ever yet this land was guilty of.
    ''Dighton and Forrest, who I did suborn
    ''To do this piece of ruthless butchery
  • (rare) An abattoir, a slaughterhouse.
  • * 1899' ''On the third Friday Jimmie was dropped at the door of the school from the doctor's buggy. The other children, notably those who had already passed over the mountain of distress, looked at him with glee, seeing in him another lamb brought to '''butchery .'' — Stephen Crane, '' .
  • * 1901' ''There was good grass on the selection all the year. I’d picked up a small lot—about twenty head—of half-starved steers for next to nothing, and turned them on the run; they came on wonderfully, and my brother-in-law (Mary’s sister’s husband), who was running a '''butchery at Gulgong, gave me a good price for them.'' — Henry Lawson, '' .
  • The butchering of meat.
  • * This butchery begins in the first Japanese month. For this purpose they put the animal's head between two long poles, which are squeezed together by fifty or sixty people, both men and women. When the bear is dead they eat his flesh, keep the liver as a medicine'' — James Frazer, ''The Golden Bough , .
  • A disastrous effort, an atrocious failure.
  • This week’s impossible-to-pronounce word: Catania. Granted, it’s a little trickier than Palermo, but there was no excusing the verbal butchery that ensued. blog.
  • A meat market
  • Etymology 2


  • (slang) The stereotypical behaviors and accoutrements of being a butch lesbian.