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As nouns the difference between dresser and bureau

is that dresser is an item of kitchen furniture, like a cabinet with shelves, for storing crockery or utensils or dresser can be one who dresses in a particular way while bureau is office.

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Etymology 1

From (etyl) dreceur, from the verb dresser.


(en noun)
  • An item of kitchen furniture, like a cabinet with shelves, for storing crockery or utensils.
  • * 1847 , Longfellow,
  • The pewter plates on the dresser / Caught and reflected the flame, as shields of armies the sunshine.
  • * 1913 ,
  • But it went through her like a flash of hot fire when, in passing, he lurched against the dresser , setting the tins rattling, and clutched at the white pot knobs for support.
  • An item of bedroom furniture, like a low chest of drawers, often with a mirror.
  • (dated) A table or bench on which meat and other things are dressed, or prepared for use.
  • (mining) A kind of pick for shaping large coal.
  • Etymology 2

    From .


    (en noun)
  • One who dresses in a particular way.
  • He's a very snappy dresser .
  • A wardrobe assistant in a theatre.
  • (medicine) A surgeon's assistant who helps to dress wounds etc.
  • * 1887 , Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, A Study in Scarlet , I:
  • On the very day that I had come to this conclusion, I was standing at the Criterion Bar, when someone tapped me on the shoulder, and turning round I recognized young Stamford, who had been a dresser under me at Bart's.


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  • Office.
  • Desk, usually with a cover and compartments for storing papers etc. located above the level of the writing surface rather than underneath.
  • (US) for clothes.
  • Derived terms

    * bureau de change * QSL bureau