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As nouns the difference between brain and bum

is that brain is the control center of the central nervous system of an animal located in the skull which is responsible for perception, cognition, attention, memory, emotion, and action while bum is the buttocks.

As verbs the difference between brain and bum

is that brain is to dash out the brains of; to kill by smashing the skull while bum is to sodomize; to engage in anal sex.

As an interjection bum is

an expression of annoyance.

As an adjective bum is

of poor quality or highly undesirable.

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(wikipedia brain) (en noun)
  • The control center of the central nervous system of an animal located in the skull which is responsible for perception, cognition, attention, memory, emotion, and action.
  • * {{quote-magazine, date=2013-07-19, author= Ian Sample
  • , volume=189, issue=6, page=34, magazine=(The Guardian Weekly) , title= Irregular bedtimes may affect children's brains , passage=Irregular bedtimes may disrupt healthy brain development in young children, according to a study of intelligence and sleeping habits.  ¶ Going to bed at a different time each night affected girls more than boys, but both fared worse on mental tasks than children who had a set bedtime, researchers found.}}
  • (informal) An intelligent person.
  • (UK, plurale tantum) A person who provides the intelligence required for something.
  • (in the plural) Intellect.
  • * 2008 Quaker Action (magazine) Rights trampled in rush to deport immigrant workers , Fall 2008, Vol. 89, No. 3, p. 8:
  • "We provided a lot of brains and a lot of heart to the response when it was needed," says Sandra Sanchez, director of AFSC's Immigrants' Voice Program in Des Moines.
  • By analogy with a human brain, the part of a machine or computer that performs calculations.
  • oral sex
  • * 2012 , (Mack Maine) featuring Turk and Mystikal, I'm On It
  • *:You said I got brain from your dame in the range
  • *:In the passing lane
  • *:But you really ain't got no proof
  • Synonyms

    * * See also * See also

    Derived terms

    * beat someone's brains out * brainbox * brain bucket * brain candy * braincase * brain cell * brainchild * brain coral * brain cramp * brain damage * brain dead * brain death * brain disease * brain disorder * brain doctor * brain drain * brain fag * brain farm * brain fever * brain fingerprinting * brain food * brain freeze * brainiac * brainish * brainless * brain mushroom * brainpan * brainpower * brain science * brainsick * brain stem / brainstem * brainstorm * brain sugar * brain surgeon * brain surgery * brain-teaser * brain truster * brain tumor / brain tumour * brainwash * brainwave * brainworker * brainy * forebrain * left brain * microbrain * no-brainer * on the brain * organic brain syndrome * pick someone's brain * rack one's brain or rack one's brains * right brain * split brain * water on the brain * yellow brain fungus

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    (en verb)
  • To dash out the brains of; to kill by smashing the skull.
  • (slang) To strike (someone) on the head.
  • (figurative) To destroy; to put an end to.
  • * Shakespeare
  • There thou mayst brain him.
  • * Shakespeare
  • It was the swift celerity of the death That brained my purpose.
  • To conceive in the mind; to understand.
  • * Shakespeare
  • 'Tis still a dream, or else such stuff as madmen / Tongue, and brain not.


    * (l) * (l) * (l), (l) * (l) ----



    Etymology 1



    (en noun)
  • The buttocks.
  • Okay, everyone sit on your bum and try and touch your toes.
  • (UK, Irish, AU, New Zealand, informal, rare, Canada, US) The anus.
  • (by metonymy, informal) A person.
  • Usage notes
    * In the United States and Canada, bum'' is considered the most appropriate term when speaking to young children, as in ''Everyone please sit on your bum and we'll read a story.'' For older children and teenagers, especially males, as well as adults, the term (butt) is the most common term except in professional contexts such as medical, legal, and scientific where (buttocks) is generally used or (gluteus maximus), (gluteus medius), etc. for the muscles specifically. ''Glutes]]'' is often used in sports medicine and bodybuilding. ''Ass'' (US derivation of Old English ''[[arse, arse ) is considered somewhat vulgar in North America, whereas (backside), (behind), and (bottom) are considered to be old-fashioned and non-specific terms.
    * (buttocks or anus) arse , ass (North America), backside, behind, bottom, bum (North America), butt (North America), heinie (North America), fanny (North America), tush (North America), tushie (North America) ** (buttocks specifically) butt cheeks (North America), buttocks (technical), cheeks, glutes (muscles), gluteus maximus (primary muscles) ** (anus specifically) anus (technical), arsehole , asshole (North America) * See also


  • (UK, transitive, colloquial) To sodomize; to engage in anal sex.
  • Interjection

  • (label) An expression of annoyance.
  • * 2010 , Jill Mansell, Sheer Mischief:
  • Maxine tried hers. 'Oh bum ,' she said crossly. 'The sugar isn't sugar. It's salt.'

    Derived terms

    * bum bum * bumhole * bums in seats *

    Etymology 2



    (en noun)
  • (North America, colloquial) A hobo; a homeless person, usually a man.
  • (North America, Australia, colloquial) A lazy, incompetent, or annoying person, usually a man.
  • ''Fred is becoming a bum - he's not even bothering to work more than once a month.
    That mechanic's a bum - he couldn't fix a yo-yo.
    That guy keeps interrupting the concert. Throw the bum out!
  • * 1987 , (The Pogues) - (Fairytale of New York)
  • You're a bum
    You're a punk
    You're an old slut on junk
    Lying there almost dead on a drip in that bed
  • (North America, Australia, colloquial, sports) A player or racer who often performs poorly.
  • Trade him to another team, he's a bum !
  • * 2001 , (Laura Hillenbrand) -
  • Seabiscuit, wrote another reporter, “was a hero in California and a pretty fair sort of horse in the midwest. In the east, however, he was just a ‘bum ’”
  • (colloquial) A drinking spree.
  • Synonyms
    * (hobo) hobo, homeless person, tramp, vagrant, wanderer, vagabond * (lazy person) loafer, bumpkin, footler, idler, lout, yob, yobbo, layabout * (drinking spree) binge, bender * See also * See also


  • (colloquial) To ask someone to give one (something) for free; to beg for something.
  • Can I bum a cigarette off you?
  • (colloquial) To behave like a hobo or vagabond; to loiter.
  • I think I'll just bum around downtown for awhile until dinner.
  • (transitive, slang, British) To wet the end of a marijuana cigarette (spliff).
  • Synonyms
    * cadge (British)


  • Of poor quality or highly undesirable.
  • bum note
  • Unfair.
  • bum deal
  • Injured and without the possibility of full repair, defective.
  • I can't play football anymore on account of my bum knee.
  • Unpleasant.
  • He had a bum trip on that mescaline.
    * (defective) duff (UK)

    Derived terms

    * bum around * bum bailiff * bum rap * bum's rush * on the bum

    Etymology 3


  • To depress; to make unhappy.
  • References


    Etymology 4

    See boom.


    (en noun)
  • (dated) A humming noise.
  • (Halliwell)


  • To make a murmuring or humming sound.
  • (Jamieson)

    Etymology 5



    (en noun)
  • (obsolete) A bumbailiff.
  • * 1705 , (Bernard Mandeville), The Fable of the Bees :
  • About her Chariot, and behind, / Were Sergeants, Bums of every kind, / Tip-staffs, and all those Officers, / That squeeze a Living out of Tears.