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As a proper noun strong

is .

As a noun brute is




Alternative forms

* (dialectal)


  • Capable of producing great physical force.
  • Capable of withstanding great physical force.
  • fast moving water, wind, etc, which has a lot of power.
  • Determined; unyielding.
  • * , chapter=10
  • , title= The Mirror and the Lamp , passage=It was a joy to snatch some brief respite, and find himself in the rectory drawing–room. Listening here was as pleasant as talking; just to watch was pleasant. The young priests who lived here wore cassocks and birettas; their faces were fine and mild, yet really strong , like the rector's face; and in their intercourse with him and his wife they seemed to be brothers.}}
  • Highly stimulating to the senses.
  • Having an offensive or intense odor or flavor.
  • Having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient.
  • (specifically) Having a high alcoholic content.
  • (grammar) Inflecting in a different manner than the one called weak, such as Germanic verbs which change vowels.
  • (military) Not easily subdued or taken.
  • (slang, US) Impressive, good.
  • Having a specified number of people or units.
  • (of a disease or symptom) (l) (very bad or intense)
  • * 2005 , Andrew Gaeddert, Healing Immune Disorders: Natural Defense-Building Solutions , North Atlantic Books, page 221:
  • Physicians may diagnosis influenza by a throat culture or blood test, which may be important if you have a particularly strong flu, if your doctor suspects pneumonia or a bacterial infection.
  • (mathematics, logic) Having a wide range of logical consequences; widely applicable. (Often contrasted with a statement which it implies.)
  • Synonyms

    * (capable of producing great physical force) forceful, powerful * (capable of withstanding great physical force) durable, tough, sturdy * ardent, determined, swith, unyielding, zealous * (highly stimulating to the senses) extreme, intense * (having an offensive or intense odor or flavor) rank * (having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient) concentrated, potent * (having a high alcoholic content) hard * irregular * impregnable, inviolable, secure, unassailable, unattackable


    * (capable of producing great physical force) forceless, weak * (capable of withstanding great physical force) fragile * (having a high concentration of an essential or active ingredient) diluted, impotent, weak * regular, weak * weak

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    * strength


  • In a strong manner.
  • Synonyms

    * (in a strong manner) forcefully, powerfully, vigorously, strongly


    * (in a strong manner) forcelessly, powerlessly, weakly

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    * * strong personality * strong verb


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    (wikipedia brute)


  • Without reason or intelligence (of animals).
  • a brute beast
  • Characteristic of unthinking animals; senseless, unreasoning (of humans).
  • * Milton
  • A creature not prone / And brute as other creatures, but endued / With sanctity of reason.
  • Being unconnected with intelligence or thought; purely material, senseless.
  • the brute''' earth; the '''brute powers of nature
  • Crude, unpolished.
  • * Sir Walter Scott
  • a great brute farmer from Liddesdale
  • *
  • Strong, blunt, and spontaneous.
  • I punched him with brute force.
  • Brutal; cruel; fierce; ferocious; savage; pitiless.
  • brute violence


    (en noun)
  • * 1714 , (Bernard Mandeville), The Fable of the Bees :
  • they laid before them how unbecoming it was the Dignity of such sublime Creatures to be sollicitous about gratifying those Appetites, which they had in common with Brutes , and at the same time unmindful of those higher qualities that gave them the preeminence over all visible Beings.
  • * 1946 , (Bertrand Russell), History of Western Philosophy , I.17:
  • But if he lives badly, he will, in the next life, be a woman; if he (or she) persists in evil-doing, he (or she) will become a brute , and go on through transmigrations until at last reason conquers.
  • A person with the characteristics of an unthinking animal; a coarse or brutal person.
  • One of them was a hulking brute of a man, heavily tattooed and with a hardened face that practically screamed "I just got out of jail."
  • *
  • She was frankly disappointed. For some reason she had thought to discover a burglar of one or another accepted type—either a dashing cracksman in full-blown evening dress, lithe, polished, pantherish, or a common yegg, a red-eyed, unshaven burly brute in the rags and tatters of a tramp.
  • (archaic, slang, UK, Cambridge University) One who has not yet matriculated.
  • Derived terms

    * brutal * brutality * brute force * brutish


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