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Whedonite vs Browncoat - What's the difference?

whedonite | browncoat | Hypernyms |

Whedonite is a hypernym of browncoat.

As nouns the difference between whedonite and browncoat

is that whedonite is (label) a fan of screenwriter and director (joss whedon) and his work, including the television series (buffy the vampire slayer)'', '' while browncoat is a fan of the tv series .




(en noun)
  • (label) A fan of screenwriter and director (Joss Whedon) and his work, including the television series (Buffy the Vampire Slayer)'', '' .
  • * 2011 , Dean A. Kowalski & S. Evan Kreider, "Introduction", in The Philosophy of Joss Whedon (eds. Dean A. Kowalski & S. Evan Kreider), The University Press of Kentucky (2011), ISBN 9780813134192, page 5:
  • In this way, on the one hand, Whedonites can better appreciate Joss's corpus by examining how certain themes have continued and evolved post–Buffy the Vampire Slayer ;
  • * 2012 , Douglas A. Van Belle, A Novel Approach to Politics: Introducing Political Science through Books, Movies, and Popular Culture , CQ Press (2013), ISBN 9781452218229, page 7:
  • Unfortunately, this pop-culture reference was cancelled before most students even got their hands on the last edition of this textbook, and chances are that only the geekiest of Whedonites know anything about it,
  • * 2014 , Ethan Alter, Film Firsts: The 25 Movies That Created Contemporary American Cinema , Praeger (2014), ISBN 9781440801877, unnumbered page:
  • Devoted Whedonites (who are among the most passionate fan bases around) gave the 42-minute episode the full Rocky Horror treatment, including costumes, reenactments, and homemade props.


    * (Angel fan) Angelite * (Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan) Buffian, Buffista, Buffaholic, Buffyholic, Buffyite * (Firefly fan) Browncoat, flan English eponyms




    (en noun)
  • A fan of the TV series .
  • Synonyms



    * Whedonite