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As a proper noun brick

is .

As an adjective brickwise is

in the manner of bricks, especially the overlapping way in which they are assembled into a wall.

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  • (countable) A hardened rectangular block of mud, clay etc., used for building.
  • This wall is made of bricks .
  • (uncountable) Considered collectively, as a building material.
  • This house is made of brick .
  • (countable) Something shaped like a brick.
  • a plastic explosive brick
  • (dated) A helpful and reliable person.
  • Thanks for helping me wash the car. You're a brick .
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  • (basketball, slang) A shot which misses, particularly one which bounces directly out of the basket because of a too-flat trajectory, as if the ball were a heavier object.
  • We can't win if we keep throwing up bricks from three-point land.
  • (informal) A power brick; an external power supply consisting of a small box with an integral male power plug and an attached electric cord terminating in another power plug.
  • (technology, slang) An electronic device, especially a heavy box-shaped one, that has become non-functional or obsolete.
  • (firearms) a carton of 500 rimfire cartridges, which forms the approximate size and shape of a brick.
  • (poker slang) A community card (usually the turn or the river) which does not improve a player's hand.
  • Derived terms

    * brick in one's hat * brickie * bricklayer * bricks and mortar * bricks and clicks * brick shithouse * drop a brick * hit the bricks * like a cat on a hot brick * like a ton of bricks * make bricks without straw * make bricks without straws * run into a brick wall * shit a brick * shit bricks * take to the bricks * talk to a brick wall * thick as a brick


  • Made of brick(s).
  • All that was left after the fire was the brick chimney .

    Derived terms

    * brick shithouse


    (en verb)
  • To build with bricks.
  • * 1904 , Thomas Hansom Cockin, An Elementary Class-Book of Practical Coal-Mining , C. Lockwood and Son, page 78
  • If the ground is strong right up to the surface, a few yards are usually sunk and bricked before the engines and pit top are erected
  • * 1914 , The Mining Engineer , Institution of Mining Engineers, page 349
  • The shaft was next bricked between the decks until the top scaffold was supported by the brickwork and [made] to share the weight with the prids.
  • To make into bricks.
  • * 1904 September 15, James C. Bennett, Walter Renton Ingalls (editor), Lead Smelting and Refining with Some Notes on Lead Mining (1906), The Engineering and Mining Journal, page 66
  • The plant, which is here described, for bricking fine ores and flue dust, was designed and the plans produced in the engineering department of the Selby smelter.
  • (slang) To hit someone or something with a brick.
  • To make an electronic device nonfunctional and usually beyond repair, essentially making it no more useful than a brick.
  • My VCR was bricked during the lightning storm .
  • * 2007 December 14, Joe Barr, “PacketProtector turns SOHO router into security powerhouse”,
  • installing third-party firmware will void your warranty, and it is possible that you may brick your router.


    * unbrick

    Derived terms

    * bricker * brick in * brick over * brick up * brick it

    See also

    * brickfielder




  • In the manner of bricks, especially the overlapping way in which they are assembled into a wall.