Raise vs Brandish - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between raise and brandish

is that raise is (label) to cause to rise; to lift or elevate while brandish is to move or swing a weapon back and forth, particularly if demonstrating skill.

As nouns the difference between raise and brandish

is that raise is (us) an increase in wages or salary; a rise (uk) while brandish is the act of flourishing or waving.




  • (label) To cause to rise; to lift or elevate.
  • # To form by the accumulation of materials or constituent parts; to build up; to erect.
  • #* Bible, (w) xxxix. 3
  • I will raise forts against thee.
  • # To cause something to come to the surface of the sea.
  • # (label) To cause (the land or any other object) to seem higher by drawing nearer to it.
  • # (label) To cause (a dead person) to live again, to cause to be undead.
  • # (military) To remove or break up (a blockade), either by withdrawing the ships or forces employed in enforcing it, or by driving them away or dispersing them.
  • (label) To create, increase or develop.
  • # To collect.
  • # To bring up; to grow; to promote.
  • # To mention (a question, issue) for discussion.
  • # (label) To create; to constitute (a use , or a beneficial interest in property).
  • # (label) To bring into being; to produce; to cause to arise, come forth, or appear.
  • #* Bible, (w) xviii. 18.
  • I will raise them up a prophet from among their brethren, like unto thee.
  • #* (John Milton) (1608-1674)
  • God vouchsafes to raise another world From him [Noah], and all his anger to forget.
  • #* {{quote-book, year=1922, author=(Ben Travers)
  • , chapter=5, title= A Cuckoo in the Nest , passage=The most rapid and most seductive transition in all human nature is that which attends the palliation of a ravenous appetite.
  • To respond to a bet by increasing the amount required to continue in the hand.
  • (label) To exponentiate, to involute.
  • To extract (a subject or other verb argument) out of an inner clause.
  • *
  • To increase the nominal value of (a cheque, money order, etc.) by fraudulently changing the writing or printing in which the sum payable is specified.
  • Synonyms

    * lift

    Derived terms

    * raise Cain * raise fire * raise one's eyebrows * raise someone's consciousness * raise the alarm * raise the roof * raised by wolves * raised in a barn


    (en noun)
  • (US) An increase in wages or salary; a rise (UK).
  • The boss gave me a raise .
  • (weightlifting) A shoulder exercise in which the arms are elevated against resistance.
  • (curling) A shot in which the delivered stone bumps another stone forward.
  • (poker) A bet which increased the previous bet.
  • Derived terms

    * lateral raise * leg raise






  • To move or swing a weapon back and forth, particularly if demonstrating skill.
  • He brandished his sword at the pirates.
  • * Drake
  • the quivering lance which he brandished bright
  • To bear something with ostentatious show.
  • to brandish syllogisms
  • * 2011 , , Binay: Blame corruption on modern consumerism , Manila Bulletin Publishing Corporation, [http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/315850/binay-blame-corruption-modern-consumerism]:
  • It sets the stage for cutting corners in our principles just so we can brandish a perceived badge of stature.
    {{quote-Fanny Hill, part=2 , Long, however, the young spark did not remain before giving it two or three shakes, by way of brandishing it}}


    * flourish, wave


  • The act of flourishing or waving.
  • Synonyms

    * flourish