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As a noun boxer

is boxer (a breed of dog).

As a proper noun boyer is


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(en noun)
  • A participant (fighter) in a boxing match.
  • You can tell she's a boxer by looking at her nose.''
  • A breed of stocky, medium-sized, short-haired dog with a square-jawed muzzle.
  • A type of internal combustion engine in which cylinders are arranged in two banks on either side of a single crankshaft.
  • The person running a game of two-up.
  • One who packs boxes.
  • Synonyms

    * (participant in a boxing match) pugilist * (type of engine) boxer engine

    Derived terms

    * boxer shorts, boxers * kick-boxer, kickboxer

    See also

    * wrestler * (Boxer) * ----




    (en noun)
  • (nautical) A Flemish sloop with a castle at each end.
  • (Sir Walter Raleigh)
    (Webster 1913)