Boozy vs Boozily - What's the difference?

boozy | boozily |

As an adjective boozy

is (of a person) intoxicated by alcohol.

As an adverb boozily is

in a boozy way.




  • (of a person) intoxicated by alcohol
  • (of a person) Inclined to consume a significant amount of alcohol
  • He's normally quite a boozy person, but isn't drinking so much these days.
  • (of an event) Involving a large consumption of alcohol
  • We all had hangovers after a boozy weekend in town.
  • (of food) containing or cooked with alcohol.
  • For dessert, the hosts treated us to a helping of boozy apple pie.
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  • boozily



    (en adverb)
  • In a boozy way.