Underpin vs Bolster - What's the difference?

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As verbs the difference between underpin and bolster

is that underpin is to support from below with props or masonry while bolster is to brace, reinforce, secure, or support.

As a noun bolster is

a large cushion or pillow.




  • To support from below with props or masonry.
  • You should underpin the mine roof to prevent further collapse.
  • (figuratively) To give support to; to corroborate.
  • Public confidence in politicians must underpin our democracy.



    Alternative forms

    * * (Scotland)


    (en noun)
  • A large cushion or pillow.
  • * Shakespeare
  • And here I'll fling the pillow, there the bolster , / This way the coverlet, another way the sheets.
  • A pad, quilt, or anything used to hinder pressure, support part of the body, or make a bandage sit easy upon a wounded part; a compress.
  • * John Gay
  • This arm shall be a bolster for thy head.
  • A small spacer located on top of the axle of horse-drawn wagons which give the front wheels enough clearance to turn.
  • A short, horizontal, structural timber between a post and a beam for enlarging the bearing area of the post and/or reducing the span of the beam. Sometimes also called a pillow or cross-head (Australian English).
  • The perforated plate in a punching machine on which anything rests when being punched.
  • The part of a knife blade that abuts upon the end of the handle.
  • The metallic end of a pocketknife handle.
  • (label) The rolls forming the ends or sides of the Ionic capital.
  • A block of wood on the carriage of a siege gun, upon which the breech of the gun rests when arranged for transportation.
  • Synonyms

    * Dutch wife


    (en verb)
  • To brace, reinforce, secure, or support.
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