Wharfage vs Boatage - What's the difference?

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Wharfage is a coordinate term of boatage.

As nouns the difference between wharfage and boatage

is that wharfage is a dock; quay; or pier while boatage is the total capacity of boats, as of lifeboats on a ship.




  • A dock; quay; or pier
  • A fee charged for using a wharf.
  • *1895 , John Houston Merrill, The American and English Encyclopedia of Law , p. 100.
  • *:If the owner of goods deposited at a wharf sells them, and gives notice to the wharfinger of such sale, on tendering the wharfage' then due, he is discharged from liability for future ' wharfage .
  • *
  • Coordinate terms

    * (wharf usage fee) shorage, demurrage, cranage, tonnage, shippage




  • The total capacity of boats, as of lifeboats on a ship.
  • Conveyance by boat.
  • A charge for transporting goods by boat.
  • Coordinate terms

    * (fee for boat transport) anchorage, ballastage, beaconage, cartage, cranage, demurrage, moorage, pilotage, porterage, shippage, shorage, sledage, tonnage, towage, wharfage (Webster 1913)