Tonnage vs Boatage - What's the difference?

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Tonnage is a coordinate term of boatage.

As nouns the difference between tonnage and boatage

is that tonnage is tonnage while boatage is the total capacity of boats, as of lifeboats on a ship.




(wikipedia tonnage)
  • The number of tons of water that a floating ship displaces.
  • The capacity of a ship's hold etc in units of 100 cubic feet.
  • The number of tons of bombs dropped in a particular region over a particular period of time.
  • A charge made on each ton of cargo when landed etc.
  • The total shipping of a fleet or nation.
  • Coordinate terms

    * (charge per ton) cranage, demurrage, shippage, shorage, wharfage






  • The total capacity of boats, as of lifeboats on a ship.
  • Conveyance by boat.
  • A charge for transporting goods by boat.
  • Coordinate terms

    * (fee for boat transport) anchorage, ballastage, beaconage, cartage, cranage, demurrage, moorage, pilotage, porterage, shippage, shorage, sledage, tonnage, towage, wharfage (Webster 1913)