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  • Covered with fuzz or a large number of tiny loose fibres like a carpet or many stuffed animals. Mentioned in the popular nursery rhyme Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear.
  • Vague or imprecise.
  • My recollection of that event is fuzzy .
  • Not clear; unfocused.
  • I finally threw out a large stack of fuzzy photos.

    Derived terms

    * fuzzily * fuzziness * fuzzy logic * fuzzy mathematics * fuzzy set * fuzzy control * fuzzy concept * fuzzy relation


  • an individual flake of fuzzies
  • You've got a fuzzy on your coat.


    Not English

    Blurr has no English definition. It may be misspelled.

    English words similar to 'blurr':

    blower, boiler, bowler, blur, baller, baler, biller, blear, bluer, bailer, bailor, bawler, bolar