Murky vs Blur - What's the difference?

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As a proper noun murky

is (murcki), a locale in poland.

As a verb blur is

to make indistinct or hazy, to obscure or dim.

As a noun blur is

a smear, smudge or blot.

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  • Hard to see through, as a fog or mist.
  • Gloomy, dark, dim.
  • Obscure, indistinct, cloudy.
  • Dishonest, shady.
  • Synonyms

    * dark



    (wikipedia blur)


  • To make indistinct or hazy, to obscure or dim.
  • to blur a photograph by moving the camera while taking it
  • To smear, stain or smudge.
  • to blur a manuscript by handling it while damp
  • To become indistinct.
  • To cause imperfection of vision in; to dim; to darken.
  • * J. R. Drake
  • Her eyes are blurred with the lightning's glare.
  • To sully; to stain; to blemish, as reputation.
  • * Hudibras
  • Sarcasms may eclipse thine own, / But cannot blur my lost renown.


    (en noun)
  • A smear, smudge or blot
  • Something that appears hazy or indistinct
  • * {{quote-book, year=1907, author=
  • , title=The Dust of Conflict , chapter=26 citation , passage=Maccario, it was evident, did not care to take the risk of blundering upon a picket, and a man led them by twisting paths until at last the hacienda rose blackly before them. Appleby could see it dimly, a blur of shadowy buildings with the ridge of roof parapet alone cutting hard and sharp against the clearing sky.}}
  • * {{quote-news, year=2012
  • , date=June 29 , author=Kevin Mitchell , title=Roger Federer back from Wimbledon 2012 brink to beat Julien Benneteau , work=the Guardian citation , page= , passage=The fightback when it came was in the Federer fashion: unfussy, filled with classy strokes from the back with perfectly timed interventions at the net that confounded his opponent. The third set passed in a bit of a blur , the fourth, which led to the second tie-break, was the most dramatic of the match. }}
  • (obsolete) A moral stain or blot.
  • * Udall
  • Lest she will with her railing set a great blur on mine honesty and good name.

    Derived terms

    * motion blur