Mendicant vs Bludger - What's the difference?

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Mendicant is a related term of bludger.

As nouns the difference between mendicant and bludger

is that mendicant is a pauper who lives by begging while bludger is (australia|slang|obsolete) a pimp, a man living off the earnings of a harlot 1966 , sidney j baker, the australian language'', second edition, chapter vi, section 3, page 129—''mentions an 1882 record of the "pimp" usage .

As an adjective mendicant

is depending on alms for a living.




  • Depending on alms for a living.
  • Of or pertaining to a beggar.
  • Of or pertaining to a member of a religious order forbidden to own property, and who must beg for a living.
  • Noun

    (en noun)
  • A pauper who lives by begging.
  • A religious friar, forbidden to own personal property, who begs for a living.
  • bludger



    (en noun)
  • (Australia, slang, obsolete) A pimp, a man living off the earnings of a harlot. 1966 , Sidney J. Baker, The Australian Language'', second edition, chapter VI, section 3, page 129—''mentions an 1882 record of the "pimp" usage
  • * 1997 , Barbara Ann Sullivan, The Politics of Sex: Prostitution and Pornography in Australia since 1945 , page 30,
  • This was the bludger' or, in American parlance, the pimp, a man who lived on the earnings of prostitution. He was often the husband or boyfriend of a prostitute and could be actively involved in protecting or touting for the prostitute. Parliamentarians described the ' bludger as ‘the most detestable wretch on the face of the earth’ and as a man ‘worthy of no respect whatsoever’ (NSWPD 31:1675).
  • (Australia, NZ, slang, derogatory) A person who avoids working, or doing their share of work, a loafer, a hanger-on, one who does not pull their weight.
  • * 2005 , , Parliamentary Debates: House of Representatives: Ofiicial Hansard , Volume 270, page 84,
  • If she is doing the work of two parents because her husband has died or left her or is violent and has driven her and the kids from home, then suddenly she is a bludger .

    Derived terms

    * dole bludger

    See also

    * freeloader * free rider