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As an adjective blondest

is (blond).

As a noun blondes is


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  • (blond)
  • (blonde)

  • blond


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    Alternative forms

    * blonde


    (en noun)
  • A person of fair hair.
  • A pale yellowish (golden brown) color, especially as a hair color.
  • Usage notes

    *This word can vary according to gender, with "blond" being used of males and "blonde" of females, following French usage. * Some writers, especially in the US, treat the spellings as interchangeable or use blond gender-neutrally. * Traditional terms for light hair are "fair(-haired]])''", "''fairheaded''", "''flaxen''", "''tow-haired''", and "''towhead([[towheaded, ed) ".


  • Of a bleached or pale golden (light yellowish) colour.
  • blond hair
    blonde''' ale''; '''''blonde beer
  • * 1914 , in the American Anthropologist :
  • She has a blond complexion, with brown hair and gray eyes.
  • :* {{quote-magazine, year=2011, month=Feb, title=Beauty Confessions, volume=216, issue=2, page=60, magazine=Redbook, passage=If you're going one or two shades lighter, don't even touch your brows. But if you're making a big change, soften them by tinting them with home haircolor: a lighter shade of brown for blonder shades, a golden shade if you're dyeing your hair red.
  • }}
  • (of a, person) Having blond hair.
  • * '>citation
  • Derived terms

    * ash blond/ash blonde * bleached blond/bleached blonde * blondie * blondish * blondism * blondly/blondely * blond metal * blond moment/blonde moment * blondness/blondeness * bottle blond/bottle blonde * dirty blond/dirty blonde * dishwater blond/dishwater blonde * dumb blond/dumb blonde * golden blond/golden blonde * honey blond/honey blonde * peroxide blond/peroxide blonde * platinum blond/platinum blonde * sandy blond/sandy blonde * strawberry blond/strawberry blonde * ultrablond * Venetian blond/Venetian blonde * white blond/white blonde

    See also

    * brunet, brunette *


    (en verb)
  • To color or dye blond
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  • (collective noun) A group of females all having blonde colored hair.
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