Blogish vs Bloglike - What's the difference?

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Blogish is a synonym of bloglike.

As adjectives the difference between blogish and bloglike

is that blogish is having the characteristics of a blog; resembling a blog while bloglike is resembling a blog (a weblog on the internet) or some aspect of one.



Alternative forms



(en adjective)
  • Having the characteristics of a blog; resembling a blog
  • * {{quote-newsgroup, year=2001
  • , date=August 10 , author="Verpertilian" , title=Re: call the roll , newsgroup=alt.utensils.spork citation , passage=I don't believe in Jesus but I believe in *Jeebus*.. I'm cocreator of a Jeebus group blogish thing and a mailing list/message board.. Jeebus ::dreamy sigh:: }}
  • * {{quote-newsgroup, year=2004
  • , date=December 5 , author="AlphaTrionTJW" , title=Re:Virtual Zine Fest , newsgroup=alt.zines citation , passage=I've been trying to launch of print zine for over 18 months now, but it looks like I'll be splitting the projec tup(SIC) into a ~shudder~ blogish sort of socion political though e-zine and possibly and smaller (by a large scale) retroscifish,early(SIC) punk/metal, industrial style zine that's part online (downloadable PDF) as well as a ink and paper (with VERY limited print run). }}
  • * {{quote-newsgroup, year=2006
  • , date=December 31 , author=PeteCresswell , title=Best Photo Management Site? , citation , passage=Flikr seems tb more blogish and SmugMug seems tb more professional. }}


    *bloggy *bloglike






    (en adjective)
  • Resembling a blog (a weblog on the Internet) or some aspect of one.
  • Synonyms

    * bloggish, blogish * bloggy